Foxelli Trekking Poles

Foxelli Trekking Poles

Foxelli is a newer brand for outdoor sports and I got this set of trekking poles as a gift after my Black Diamond Z-Poles had broken through the plastic dry rotting. I decided to give them a go with no prior knowledge of the brand and the performance of these has blown me away. I've used them for recovery hikes, short runs, and ultra runs in the mountains. They've gone through dry sand, steep rocks, snow, ice, and mud and keep on performing. At only 7 ounces each they are worth every bit!

Foxelli Trekking Poles

My first test for these was on a little 3.5 mile route that has around 1,500 feet of climbing, so pretty steep. I was recovering from a hard effort but wanting to keep training, so for that week I used the trekking poles and hit that loop over and over again. The cork handles are extremely comfortable and since they're so lightweight they are extremely easy to carry on the downhill sections. I also really enjoyed that the lenght of the pole is adjustable for any height, even my kids can use them!

Foxelli Trekking Poles

After giving the poles a good test, I decided that I was going to take them on my first race of the year. This race was going to be no joke - 100ish miles and over 30,000 feet of climbing. This year of the race didn't let me down and all the peaks had either snow or ice on the trails. I carried my Foxelli Trekking Poles the entire race. I never noticed a time that they felt too heavy or that the poles needed to be readjusted. I set the length of them at the beginning of the race and didn't change it until it was time to pack them up in my car at the end of the race. Even when ice would accumulate on the end of the poles (which I've never seen before), it was super easy to get the ice off with just a little tap on a rock or a tree.

So when you're looking at a new pair of trekking poles, you don't have to go out and buy the most expensive set of poles or stick to one of the bigger brands. Foxelli is a great up and coming company and be sure to check them out.

Disclaimer: I have recieved none of this gear for free or work for any of these companies. These are my opinions and mine only.

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Posted by Ryan James on 2021-01-23


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